Lehmann Plumbing has been serving the Edmonton area for over fifty years, we strive for the best quality service at the best prices. Values of workmanship, clarity and communication are what leave our customers satisfied. Our technicians are experienced in their respective fields and together with a wide knowledge base, quality materials and real world applications we can solve even the most difficult industry challenges. Trust us with your plumbing or heating problems.


Edmonton is one soggy city, on the front lines, your sump pump. Why not give it some back up?

Battery backup sump pumps offer:

- A second line of protection in times of heavy rain or regular use.

- They work simply and can be tailored to suit every situation.

- Insurance companies will often reduce your rates up to 5%.

- Operate independently of your existing pump, it comes with an inverter so you never have to worry about it not working.

- It can come with an optional wifi connection system that will instantly update you the moment the water reaches the alarm or when the back up sump pump activates.

- Ask us about the added security of a battery backup sump pump.


Hot water tanks are a wonderful modern day convenience that turn what could be a terrible cold shower, into a great refreshing way to start or end your day. Ask us about high efficient options to better suite your lifestyle and the environment.

- High efficient instantaneous tankless water heater on the left, with a standard tank on the right. 

- With Hard Alberta water both types of heaters do require some maintenance, ask us about how we can improve the operation, or  life cycle of your water heater.


In a world with an ever increasing demand for energy efficiency, boilers have steadily become more popular. Offering total home comfort with in-floor heating and total home energy efficiency with indirect domestic hot water heating, a boiler can be a very cost effective way to increase your home's energy efficiency, lower expensive monthly utility bills and increase your overall home satisfaction. Ask us about replacing your older boiler (or even your old furnace!) with a new energy efficient one today.


We offer a wide variety of services that include:

- Repairing (or replacing) boiler, hot water tanks, tankless water heaters, furnaces, pumps, humidifiers and other mechanical equipment

- New installations

- Drain cleaning

- Drain flushing

- Plumbing fixtures

- Sewer video inspection

- Hydronic heating

- In-floor heating

- Gasfitting

- Renovations

- Mechanical equipment maintenance

- Water softeners

- Water filtration

- DCVA installs and yearly testing 

- Certified AWWA testers  

- Don't see what you need here? Ask us!


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